Wednesday, May 17, 2017

April in a nutshell

Have I mentioned I am so incredibly blessed?

Jared got to work from home one day.  I'm pretty sure his day with us was just as productive as a day at the office.

Sierra chopped her hair off!

Ethan proved 1 1/2 years old isn't too young to ride a scooter

We found a new park in the middle of Salt Lake.  Who knew?

We went to the planetarium for the first time.  Connor hasn't stopped talking about it and has put in on the calendar that we're going to the planetarium on June 17th.  Where he got this date from I have no idea.

This boy.  He is just about the cutest thing when he's happy but that can change in a matter of milliseconds.

We love cousins so so much!

Our Easter festivities

not surprisingly, ethan loved peeps
Our kids have the best friends little friends to play with

Sometimes they fight, but sometimes they don't.

One of these children is "pretend" sleeping
My own personal hair stylist. 

We were shocked at how quickly Ethan downed this popsicle.  Aunt Brianne made a new best friend that day.

Friday, April 28, 2017

March highlights

February highlights

my sierra

the kids have been so excited to show dad the ferris wheel at scheels
fairview sledding

she loves being grandma's helper

he was quite proud of himself
a family portrait, plus grandma
swimming with liv
I borrowed my cousins ski attachments for our stroller and have loved it!
so sad
now they do legos on the island

St George

We headed to St George with Wade's family for their spring break.  It did not disappoint!

he's cute
we love exploring snow canyon

lava tube explorations

see above comment

Connor thought it was pretty neat to hold a lava rock

Sierra and Kate really bonded this trip

Scooter ride to the park where Connor had an awful fall on his 2 wheel scooter, then continued the ride.  He is the toughest kid I know.